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Erik Thomson is starting over, again

AAP logoAAP 29/08/2016 By Danielle McGrane

Erik Thomson has been sucked back into the world of 800 Words for the past seven months, filming the popular TV show on New Zealand's North Island.

It's been a longer shoot than the first season, but that was really just a taste of what the show is capable of.

"The first series was kind of short but it was almost like a pilot series, just to test the waters and see if this was something the audience would enjoy and they seemed to," Thomson said.

Season one proved such a hit, it drew over a million viewers every week and the first episode of the second season has pulled in an impressive 877,000 viewers.

"We came back with gusto," Thomson said.

"It's been nice coming back to the show for a second time knowing we have a formula that people enjoyed, we can pick it up and run with it."

Some might say it's Thomson who has the midas touch. The Silver Logie Award winner also starred in that other massive Seven ratings winner, Packed to the Rafters.

But he points to 800 Words' premise of "starting over" as its major drawcard.

"I think people like that because it kind of tips into their own desires to throw it all in and start again," he said.

"I think everyone has that thought in the back of their mind where they say `What would it be like if I decided to go and work as a scuba diving instructor in Vanuatu?' or somewhere like that, just to really change the course of their life. I think there is that sense that the audience is living vicariously through this brave man and his children's journey into this new world."

Thomson's character George, is still trying to convince his family that this particular sea change is a good thing.

His onscreen daughter Shay (played by Melina Vidler) has decided she wants to return to Sydney and George is desperately trying to get her to return to Weld, with some help from his cunning son, Arlo (played by Benson Jack Anthony).

And while all this is going on, his love life is heating up too.

George and Jan (played by Bridie Carter), his late wife's best friend, are trying to figure out what their relationship is.

"I hope that the audience wants to see George find love again because he's too young to not be with someone and not be allowed to love again," he said.

The death of his wife is still raw for George and his children and that's something that comes up this season too.

Regardless, Thomson does maintain hope for George's happily-ever-after.

"George is grappling with that grief all the time, but in the long term I would like him to find true love again. From a show point of view, we don't want that to be too easy otherwise we've got nowhere to go," he said.

So viewers should expect some twists and turns.

"There'll be false starts and there'll be attempts, and they won't always work out," he said.

As for George himself, Thomson views him as"beautifully flawed".

"He's just trying to do his best," he said.

"He's a little bit all at sea. He's trying to put himself back together and I like that. He's not got it all sorted and it's a long way to go until he does, I'm sure."

*800 Words airs on Seven on Tuesday at 8.45pm

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