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Flashback to the 2011 census in Qld

AAP logoAAP 4/08/2016



* Third most populous state in Australia

* 4,333,739 people - 2,184,518 females, 2,148,221 males

* 13.1 per cent aged over 65, 20.2 per cent aged under 14

* Median age of 36


* Almost three quarters of respondents were born in Australia

* 4.4 per cent born in New Zealand, 4.1 per cent born in England

* 61.4 per cent had both parents born in Australia, 26.3 per cent had both parents born overseas

* 155,825 people of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander descent


* Catholicism 23.8 per cent, No Religion 22.1 per cent, Anglican 18.9 per cent


* 47.9 per cent of people over 15 were married

* 9.1 per cent were divorced

* 34.7 per cent had never been married

* Less than one per cent of people said they were in a same-sex relationship

* Couple Families with children made up 42.8 per cent of households, while 39.5 per cent of couples had no children

* Average number of children per family was 1.9


* Greater Brisbane 2,065,996, greater Cairns area 224,436, greater Townsville area 217,897

* Just over 60 per cent lived in major cities, while over 100,000 lived in Remote or Very Remote areas

* Over three quarters lived in a separate house, 11.9 per cent lived in a flat, unit or apartment


* More than a quarter of Queenslanders were attending an educational institution

* 30 per cent in primary school, 20 per cent in secondary school and 20 per cent at tertiary or technical institutions


* Almost two million Queenslanders were employed

* 60 per cent working full-time, 28 per cent working part-time

* Almost half of respondents said they worked 40 hours or more per week

(Source: census data)

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