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Former top cop in Vic beats ex-union boss

AAP logoAAP 30/08/2016 Helen Velissaris

Former Victoria Police chief commissioner Christine Nixon has accused the firefighters union of funding ex-police union boss Paul Mullett's $2 million unsuccessful lawsuit against her.

Former Police Association secretary Paul Mullett failed in his bid to sue Ms Nixon after claiming she suspended him in 2007 because he was opposed to her reform agenda.

Supreme Court Justice Terry Forrest on Wednesday ruled there was no evidence to suggest that was the case.

“Mr Mullett has failed to prove a valid cause of action against any of the defendants,” the judge said in his written ruling.

Speaking outside court, a victorious Ms Nixon said the long-running case against her was in part funded by the United Firefighters Union.

"He (Mr Mullett) has been funded and supported by the United Firefighters which I think is an organisation now that I wonder about some of their behaviour," she said.

"Whether it was part of his salary, or whether it was a loan or whatever other mechanism was used, certainly he was supported by the United Firefighters to run this case.”

The union has employed Mr Mullett on a part-time basis and he formerly had a "salary arrangement" with it, UFU boss Peter Marshall has said.

But the firefighters union on Wednesday told AAP it didn't directly fund the legal action against Ms Nixon.

Mr Mullett was suspended in 2007 and then charged in 2008 with perjury, perverting the course of justice and wilfully making a false statement.

The charges were subsequently dropped but Mr Mullett claimed they destroyed his career and credibility.

Ms Nixon on Wednesday said Mr Mullett was motivated by a feeling he'd been "wronged" when he launched the legal action.

"He can’t quite get past the idea that his role in the Police Association finished because of his own decisions - he just can’t quite live with it," she said, adding she wished he'd "gone on with his life" instead of pursuing her through court.

During the trial in May, Ms Nixon said she received independent advice Mr Mullett had committed a criminal offence before she signed his suspension order in November 2007.

She denied being behind the criminal charges that were laid against him in 2008.

Justice Forrest on Wednesday said Mr Mullett was a fierce adversary of Ms Nixon which provided a sound motive for her wanting him removed.

"The existence of this motive, however, simply does not prove that it actuated Mr Mullett’s subsequent suspensions and prosecution,” the judge said.

"I am positively satisfied that it did not."

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