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Georgia Love checks in her 'thunder thighs' at the airport before her holiday with Lee Elliott.

Mamamia logo Mamamia 4/01/2017 Meredith Eriksson

© Instagram Former Bachelorette Georgia Love has taken a second shot at the bullies who taunted her last week with a clever post to Instagram.

The 28-year-old was unfairly labelled as having “thunder thighs” by a commenter on a story where a publication chose to purchase and share photos of her working out.

Love, reading the comments, shared them with her followers to draw attention to how cruel people can be online.

“No I’m not a size 6 and I will never apologise for that. I am a happy, fit, active, NORMAL person and that is all any of us should strive to be,” she wrote.

The journalist has now responded once more with a candid snap of her and boyfriend Lee Elliott, 35, during their pre-flight check-in.

“Checking in my thunder thighs for the flight,” she wrote with an image she shared on her Instagram Story.

© Instagram

The added bonus of the baggage tags saying "heavy" assures us the former presenter knows a great joke lies in the finer details.

Elliott and Love appear to have flown to Sydney to enjoy partying in the beach-side splendour of Bondi Beach's Icebergs restaurant.

The plumber's Instagram captures the pair posing beside the water after a few cheeky day drinks.

The original story that caused the reaction from Love was not directly critical of her but instead opted to describe in great detail what she was wearing and how she moved.

Critics abused the journalist with taunts that both attacked her physicality and relationship with Elliott.

No wonder negative body image and mental health issues are becoming more and more prevalent in our society, the internet can be a disgusting place. @dailymail posted an article about me exercising (not sitting on the couch gorging on a burger. Exercising) and every single comment is body shaming me. One even suggests I'm so unattractive my boyfriend simply must be cheating on me! This is not a "woe is me" post, this is to highlight just a snippet of what these trolls do and shame them right back. Girls (and guys), if anyone tells you you're not good enough, not pretty enough, not skinny enough; they're wrong. No I'm not a size 6 and I will never apologise for that. I am a happy, fit, active, NORMAL person and that is all any of us should strive to be 👊🏻 #hatersgonnahate #rantover

A photo posted by GEORGIA LOVE (@georgiealove) on

“The guys who didn’t get a rose actually went home in relief, she’s no prize!" one wrote.

“Omg thunder thighs!” said another.

"Congrats to Lee to score an old lookin’ cat lady with thunder thighs. I bet he keeps blonde sugar candies on the side.”

Fans applauded Love's decision to call out the initial critics with thousands of likes and comments on the original image.

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