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Govt MPs will work hard, Morrison says

AAP logoAAP 5/09/2016 Rashida Yosufzai

Working hard or hardly working?

That's the question many federal politicians are facing as their dedication to the job comes under scrutiny following last week's parliamentary debacle for the government.

Senior ministers are copping flack for leaving parliament early and the coalition vulnerable to a Labor attack, with the opposition securing the first vote over a majority government in more than 50 years.

For radio broadcaster Ray Hadley it was vindication after grilling Treasurer Scott Morrison days earlier about the work ethic of MPs.

And he made it known when the treasurer returned on Monday.

"Wasn't my point to a certain extent vindicated by the haste of some of your colleagues escaping to have an extra long weekend?"

Short of an apology, Mr Morrison replied there was no excuse for their "incredibly disappointing" behaviour.

"You play for the full 80 minutes and if it goes into extra time you keep playing."

That wasn't good enough for Hadley, who returned to the topic later in the interview wondering if the treasurer had actually apologised.

"I think you might've said 'I'm sorry'?"

"I didn't get into that," was the treasurer's response.

In any case, Hadley did manage to get a promise out of the cabinet minister.

"I'll keep working hard Ray, and I know my colleagues with take the lesson," Mr Morrison said.

"Well start working hard as of today."

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