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Hinch accused of 'polluting' donor's liver

AAP logoAAP 20/09/2016 Julian Drape

The sister of the man whose liver was donated to Derryn Hinch is concerned the Victorian senator may be "polluting" her brother's organ.

Senator Hinch has labelled his ex-partner Natasha Chadwick a "bunny boiler" after she tweeted that the self-admitted alcoholic was "back on the booze".

The former broadcaster received Heath Gardner's liver in 2011 after the 27-year-old was shot. It saved the now 72-year-old's life.

Heath's sister, Kimberley, on Tuesday issued a statement acknowledging alcoholism was a tough addiction to kick.

"I suppose it is easy to fall back into your old ways," Ms Gardner said on Facebook.

"I continue to stand by Derryn and support him as a human being ... although it is upsetting to think he may be polluting my brother's liver."

Senator Hinch on Tuesday admitted he was drinking wine diluted with water "once or twice a week" and ultra-light non-alcohol beer.

"I'm not getting back on the piss," he told 3AW.

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