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Hollingsworth limited to 18 horses

AAP logoAAP 26/07/2016 By Toby Mann

Former prostitute and police trainee Kim Hollingsworth has been banned from owning more than 18 horses after dozens of brumbies in her care were so malnourished they couldn't stand.

Hollingsworth says in 2011 she saved captured brumbies bound for the knackery, but Sydney's District Court on Tuesday heard she has over the years been charged over the poor care of 86 horses, which have been seized from her.

"The average animal rights person would think you should be locked up," acting judge Rodney Madgwick said as he gave Hollingsworth seven weeks to re-home all but 18 of her 45 horses.

Pictures tendered in the court show a filly called Rainbow collapsed in a paddock, with diarrhoea covering its rear legs and flies swarming about its moribund body.

Rainbow has since been put down, the court heard.

"The horse was effectively starved," acting judge Madgwick said.

"The horse must have been in such a dreadful condition that anyone could have seen it."

The RSPCA argued she should not be able to keep any horses, but the judge said there was some evidence she could care for 18 and varied her good behaviour bond.

"If you are not a fool you will treat these horses as if they were your own children or get rid of them," acting judge Madgwick said.

The judge issued Hollingsworth with a series of bonds covering six charges, including aggravated cruelty, the latest in a string of 171 animal cruelty offences with which she has been charged since 2013.

Many relate to insufficient feeding and worming treatment.

Hollingsworth, however, says she did properly feed her horses and that they had become sick because of bad advice from an RSPCA vet.

She told the court her animals were unwell because she had used the wrong worming medication following the vet's advice.

However, acting judge Madgwick said Hollingsworth had not been able to manage her animals.

Hollingsworth must allow the RSPCA to inspect her 18 horses by September 16 and is due to return to court 11 days later.

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