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Horse, camel meat could be sold in SA

AAP logoAAP 27/12/2016

South Australians could be buying a couple of kilos of horse meat along with their beef mince or pork chops as the government looks to review food regulations.

Changes to the Food Standard Code's definition of game meat are being considered, with the likes of horse, possum, camel, deer, donkey or buffalo set to be added to the list.

Current regulations see game meat as only goat, rabbit, hare, kangaroo, wallaby or birds that have not been confined and can be sold for human consumption.

If the food regulation changes are agreed on, the new game meat animals could be sold by butchers by late 2017.

Eggs, foetuses and pouch young will still not be included in the list.

The proposed regulation changes are open for public consultation until February, with the government encouraging local councils and food businesses to contribute.

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