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How Tostee's murder trial unfolded

AAP logoAAP 20/10/2016



Mr Tostee, then aged 28, was charged with murdering his New Zealand Tinder date Warriena Wright in the early hours of August 8, 2014. Ms Wright, 26, fell to her death from the locked balcony of his 14th floor Surfers Paradise apartment.


Mr Tostee pleaded not guilty at the start of his six-day trial. He chose not to testify.


- Audio recording on Mr Tostee's mobile phone captured a violent struggle between the pair and Ms Wright's eventual death. It's not known why he recorded it.

- CCTV showed Mr Tostee and Ms Wright meeting and going to his apartment. It also showed him leaving the building after her death, walking around Surfers Paradise, buying pizza, and calling his father.

- Downstairs neighbours testified hearing Ms Wright's screams and seeing her legs dangling down the the balcony.

- Pathologist Dianne Little told court there was no evidence Ms Wright was strangled before she died.


- Prosecutor Glen Cash argued Mr Tostee "caused her death as much as if he had pushed her from the balcony himself".

- He alleged Mr Tostee intimidated Ms Wright while he restrained her inside his unit and told her "you're lucky I haven't chucked you off my balcony, you god damn psycho little bitch" before locking her outside.

- Mr Cash claimed Mr Tostee could be heard choking her on recording for up to 45 seconds.

- It was also alleged Mr Tostee caused Ms Wright to fear him so greatly she attempted to seek refuge in apartment below by climbing over the balcony.


- Barrister Saul Holt said Mr Tostee treated the "massively drunk" and "out of control" Ms Wright with patience and her fatal decision to climb over balcony reflected her irrational behaviour throughout the night.

- He said Ms Wright unlawfully assaulted Mr Tostee by throwing rocks at him and he was legally entitled to protect himself and his property.

- She also assaulted Mr Tostee by hitting him in the head with a metal telescope clamp after he restrained her, he claimed.

- He claimed Mr Tostee's decision to put Ms Wright on the balcony and lock the door was an attempt to "de-escalate" the situation.

- "You don't get convicted of murder or manslaughter for saying stupid things or for being angry," Mr Holt said.


Mr Tostee was found not guilty of murder and the alternative charge of manslaughter on Thursday after the jury deliberated over four days.

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