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Instagram ideal put to test in Melbourne

AAP logoAAP 14/09/2016 Luke Costin

Two Melbourne Millennials plan to live in a shop window for five days to cast a spotlight on displays of "perfect" life and hidden sponsorships rampant on Instagram.

Tamzen Hayes and Nikki Brumen will live on almost permanent display and, in a light-hearted take on Instagram sponsorships, will survive on only donated items.

"If you're a social media celebrity, you get given clothes or food in exchange for you posting about them (the brand) to your hundreds, or millions of followers," Ms Hayes told AAP on Wednesday.

"We wonder how far we could push that and if we could genuinely live off our social media and nothing else."

They will go in with a few pillows, blankets and their phones. Everything else will come through a little mailbox on the window.

In exchange for goods, donors will get a shout out on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

That means everything - including the essentials.

"In a practical sense, I really hope we get things like baby wipes and bottles of water," Ms Hayes said.

Twister, Jenga, whiteboard markers and vodka are also on the wishlist.

Though they promise to use #NoFilter and post pictures befitting #IJustWokeUpLikeThis, passers-by will see exactly what misses the social media feed.

Their display area's interior will start out white and "like a blank Instagram post or a perfect projection of the world", Ms Hayes said.

"As the donations come in, and everything progresses, it will get a lot messier," she said.

"By the end of the five days, we could be living in this tiny box that is jam-packed full of stuff, we'll be struggling to breathe and showing the mess behind everything."

The Melbourne Fringe Festival exhibition begins 10am on Thursday at 218 Gertrude St, Fitzroy and will run until Monday.

Follow the pair online via their Instagram - @DisplayLyfe - and the Display Lyfe: Life on Display Facebook page.

They will leave their display for toilet breaks.

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