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Jamie Gao murder trial: in quotes

AAP logoAAP 2/09/2016 Daniel McCulloch


"I'll do you. Get up and help you weak c**t or you will be on the floor next to him. Do as I tell you or I'll kill your girls." - Glen McNamara claimed co-defendant Roger Rogerson said this as he pointed the gun at McNamara's head after shooting Sydney student Jamie Gao.

"He (Roger Rogerson) said to my dad that he had really lovely, lovely girls. As he was saying that I looked at my dad and he was pale. He looked skittish. He kept moving at the table, twitching a little bit." - McNamara's eldest daughter Jessica, testifying in court to back up her father's claim that Rogerson threatened his family if McNamara didn't go along with his version of the shooting.

"This arsehole nearly killed me." - What Rogerson claimed McNamara said as he leaned over Gao's body after shooting him.

"If you're going to do a (drug) deal, it is better to do one big deal." - Jamie Gao's alleged words to his cousin in 2014, as quoted by prosecutor Christopher Maxwell.

"The deceased was executed in cold blood, just as the offenders had planned ... The joint criminal enterprise to which each offender was a party was extensive in its planning, brutal in its execution, and callous in its aftermath." - Justice Geoffrey Bellew, in sentencing the convicted killers to life in prison.

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