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Jen Hawkins reveals upcoming drama on ANTM

AAP logoAAP 14/09/2016 Danielle McGrane

The next season of Australia's Next Top Model promises to be dramatic as host Jennifer Hawkins says to expect breakdowns from the contestants.

This is the 10th season of the Fox8 show which also introduces model Megan Gale as a permanent member of the judging panel alongside designer Alex Perry.

Gale takes the spot left vacant following judge Charlotte Dawson's death in 2014.

Out of respect for Dawson, a host of guest judges including Kelly Osbourne, Kim Kardashian and Gale were brought in on a weekly basis on the last season.

While Hawkins says there are some feisty interactions between the judges, this year it's the wannabe models who create most of the drama.

"The show is about the girls and the girls interacting with each other, how much pressure they put on themselves - there's lots of drama on the show otherwise it wouldn't be a good TV show," Hawkins told AAP.

"They put so much pressure on themselves, they have so many breakdowns."

They filmed the show over what Hawkins describes as two "intense" months but over that short period of time the girls evolved a lot.

"I'm looking at their promo shots from when we first shot them and they look so different now," she said.

One of the biggest changes the girls go through, and one of the most popular episodes of the series, is when they get professional make-overs. This year, Hawkins says it was particularly dramatic.

"I loved the make-over episode because you see a few crumbles under pressure and it was really intense this season, there's massive changes," she said.

Hawkins reckons, though, that it's all good training for any of the girls who decide to go on to work as a model.

"It's a tough time for them. You've got people telling you what to do but that's what happens out in the industry, what they're going to go into, the modelling industry."

With models such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner as much a presence in the gossip magazines as they are on the catwalks, Hawkins says a lot of the contestants can lose sight of what the show is all about.

"The industry can be intoxicating. I guess the girls have a real passion to get into the industry and then it kind of turns into, I think, maybe they want to be in the celebrity side of the industry," she said.

But Hawkins says that level of fame doesn't really happen overnight.

"You've got to work hard to get that success and for them to get followers and that kind of thing so I've been trying to say to them just really work hard and the rest will come."

*Australia's Next Top Model returns on September 20 at 7.30pm (AEST) on FOX8.

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