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Jessica Marais gets taste for live TV

AAP logoAAP 23/09/2016 Danielle McGrane

Jessica Marais used real sets from Network Ten's The Project to play a TV producer on her new show The Wrong Girl.

Based on Zoe Foster Blake's novel of the same name, Marais plays Lily Woodward, a TV producer on a breakfast show called The Breakfast Bar.

The TV hosts, played by Craig McLachlan and Madeleine West, were filmed on the real-life sets, giving Marais a taste for what the job would really be like.

"Every time I go on a live radio show or a live breakfast show now, I have so much respect for the producers and also the hosts, and all the people involved, because in morning TV you're always one second away from disaster," she said.

"You're always having to be prepped for damage-control situations."

Marais says the show has deviated from the Zoe Foster Blake novel it's based on in order to create a whole TV series.

"It is a departure slightly from that story line," she said.

"We've never tried to do exactly what the book did. We've tried to flesh it out a little bit. The story line in the book would probably be more suited to a one-and-a-half-hour film than an eight-episode series, so we take a few twists and turns away from the book, but everything is inspired by the book."

However, Marais says they have captured the heart of the relationships in the original story.

In The Wrong Girl, Marais' character finds herself torn between two very different men.

One of those men is the chef who stars on the cooking segment of her show, Jack Winters, played by Rob Collins. Jack also happens to be dating her best friend and house mate Simone, played by Hayley Magnus.

Does that mean Lily is breaking an unspoken girl code with this crush?

"Life's not black and white like that," Marais said.

"I think having good relationships and honest relationships as opposed to a code you live your life by is better."

It's certainly messy for Lily, a girl-next-door character who happens to work in a remarkable job.

"Lily works in a job that is highly stressful and manages it all pretty well. There's something very relatable about her because of the way Zoe wrote her in the book," she said.

"She was written with a lot of honesty, honesty about the ways she questions her life, feels lost at times, falls down and climbs back up."

*The Wrong Girl premieres on Wednesday, September 28 at 8.30pm

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