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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel make rare public appearance and it was CRINGY 6/01/2017 Alison Ring

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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel aren’t normally too in your face as Hollywood couples go. 

We could never describe them as attention seekers and in general they do everything they can to keep their relationship hidden from the paparazzi.

© Provided by Associated News But the couple threw all those rules out the window at an LA Lakers game this week as they finally gave fans an insight into what life is really like in their relationship, throwing in a few PDAs for good measure. © Provided by Associated News First of all there was the gently hip squeezing from behind by Justin, gently teasing his wife with his tickles.

© Provided by Associated News Then Jessica took things to the next level by swinging her arms in the air like she just doesn’t care doing some kind of cringey mom-dance.

And can we just add, that the guy with the hand over his face is SO US. He just wants them to stop.

Then it was time to focus on each other again as Jessica gazed lovingly into her husband’s eyes despite the fact that he was clearly not focused on her at all and was very distracted by something behind her head. 

© Provided by Associated News Meanwhile the guy next to them is now awkardly looking to his left wondering when it will be over.

And then, the piècesderésistance…

The normally stunning Jessica Biel looks a little less attractive than usual here as she tries to seduce the Can’t Stop The Feeling singer with her lovely, lovely tongue.

© Provided by Associated News

And while we’re just not used to seeing this pair be so affectionate with each other so openly, we’re happy that they still seem head over heel in love after four years of marriage!

Thanks for the show guys, maybe keep a little more PG next time.

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