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Kasey Chambers finds strength post divorce

AAP logoAAP 30/08/2016 By Danielle McGrane

Something surprising happened to Kasey Chambers after she had surgery on her vocal cords.

The surgery last year to remove nodules from the country singer's vocal cords obviously brought her a lot of fear - fear she wouldn't be able to talk again or make a living from her music if her voice didn't work.

But Chambers, who had to go without making any sound for two weeks - which is tough for a mum of three young children - recovered and found her voice came back even stronger.

"I feel like I can finally be the singer that I've been in my head for a long time but now I can actually be able to physically get it out into the world," Chambers told AAP.

"It really did give me a new strength and a new power and coupled with the new power I felt in my personal life."

The singer has also emerged from a tough few years, coming out of her split from country singer Shane Nicholson in 2013 to recovering from surgery that threatened her livelihood.

And she's found herself to be stronger than ever.

"I think a lot of it is coming out of a divorce and finding a new side of yourself where you're not relying on someone else for your strength," she said.

I'm still finding myself as a single mother of three who has a career and who is a daughter and a friend and has all these different hats. Don't get me wrong, I don't always get it right, but for the most part I feel like I'm owning it a little bit more than I ever have and I feel a strength in myself that is not about other people in my life."

Chambers found herself returning to a song she had written a long time ago called Ain't No Little Girl.

She had put it to one side, but started performing it recently.

"I started getting this strength in my life," she said.

"And I started playing it live and really connecting to it and I felt like this song was such a massive part of who I was."

She's releasing it as part of an EP, a few months before her double album release, Dragonfly, in January.

The song is produced by Paul Kelly and the EP also features a duet with her longtime friend Keith Urban, called If We Had A Child.

"Keith and I have known each other for many years from when I was a teenager," she said.

"We had sung together, jamming at gigs and played at the ARIAs together, but this is the first time our voices have been recorded together."

Asking Urban to duet with her was a no-brainer, especially considering the title of the song.

"The lyric is based on we, as a couple, having a child and who wouldn't want to have a child with Keith Urban? So he was the obvious choice," she said.

"Just for three and a half minutes, I can pretend we're having a child together."

Chambers is single at the moment, having split from musician Harry Hookey last year, although the pair remain great friends and even play music together.

And she's happy to be on her own right now.

"There's no one in my life, I'm free as a bird and feeling exactly like that, a little free bird and loving it."

* Ain't No Little Girl the EP is out now

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