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Koala takes a shine to Adelaide Hills home

AAP logoAAP 1/11/2016

A koala has found its way into a teenage boy's bedroom after busting into his Adelaide Hill home uninvited late at night.

Nicholas Sneath, 14, said the koala rushed into his bedroom when he opened the door late on Sunday, thinking the small shadow outside belonged to his dog.

"I opened it up and there is a koala there looking down the hallway at my mum and dad who are nervously screaming, laughing and all that," he told AAP.

The teen jumped on to his bed for protection and snapped photos and videos of surprising guest.

Nicholas and his parents then ushered the animal out of their Stonyfell home using a sheet, through the doggy door they suspect it used to get in.

"We were petrified. We honestly weren't going near this thing," the boy's mother Karena Sneath said.

While the koala did no damage, its unique smell lingered.

"He did leave a distinct eucalyptus scent in my room," Nicholas said.

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