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Lib senator says party needs more women

AAP logoAAP 31/08/2016 Belinda Merhab

New Liberal senator Jane Hume has used her first speech to parliament to call on her party to lift its game in addressing the gender gap.

Of the 92 Victorian senators who have preceded her, Senator Hume is only the 13th woman, she told parliament on Wednesday.

And if that's narrowed down to Liberals only, she's just the seventh woman.

She said female representation in federal and state parliaments was "woefully inadequate".

"We can and must do more," she said.

"I make my first promise in this place - I will not pull the ladder up behind me.

"I will reach down and offer my hand and I will pay it forward."

Senator Hume said good government and good policy demanded more women entered the political fray.

"We cannot do this unless women stand for and win preselection for safe seats," she said.

She urged her party to take an active role in addressing the gender gap in positions of influence.

Senator Hume said she wanted to use her 20-year career in banking, finance and superannuation to improve the lives of Australians, including addressing the budget deficit.

Her greatest frustration was that despite a quarter of a century of sustainable economic growth Australia was in its eighth consecutive year of debt and deficit.

"In 20 years when I look my children in the eye I want to assure them that my generation and I personally have done all that we can to create a productive and prosperous Australia."

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