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London hotel offering brain power packages

AAP logoAAP 12/12/2016

Guests at a central London hotel are not only being offered five-star luxury, they're also being given a brain boost.

Corinthia Hotel in London's Whitehall Place now has a year-long Neuroscientist in Residence. Dr Tara Swart has been tasked with analysing the brain of hotel staff and loyal guests.

In a study that began in November and is expected to run until December 2017, Dr Swart will generate a Brain Power Study by assessing how those in the hotel cope with stress.

All participants will be given brain-boosting advice on how to improve their sleep, hydration, diet, exercise and mindfulness habits as a way to maximise their work and home life.

If guests wish to optimise their mental performance, they can opt for the Brain Power Package. This claims to nourish the brain with essential nutrients, hydrate the brain with Brain Power Drinks, and indulge the senses through a two-hour Mindful Massage and yoga nidra at the hotel's spa.

Yoga nidra is a state of consciousness half way between waking and sleeping, a practice similar to meditation that aims to reduce stress and enhance focus.

Dr Swart will also give four talks throughout the year, explaining how the science of the brain can be applied to topics such as politics, technology and business. One will tackle why psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths often sit on company boards.

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