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MKR's Nelly Riggio responds to critics of her new relationship with Adriano Zumbo.

Mamamia logo Mamamia 10/01/2017 Katy Hall
Former MKR contestant Nelly Riggio. © Instagram Former MKR contestant Nelly Riggio.

Dessert chef and former My Kitchen Rules contestant Nelly Riggio has had it with the negativity surrounding her new relationship with fellow dessert chef and reality television star Adriano Zumbo, and after being called “fake fake fake”, she’s letting it known.

In case you missed it, Riggio was dating a guy named JP Huillet. The pair appeared on MKR together, and were billed as the ‘lovebirds’ of the season. They broke up last year, and Riggio began dating her co-worker, Zumbo.

Riggio and Zumbo are now on holiday together in the Maldives, seemingly having a delightful, loved-up time, but for some reason, the trolls are absolutely not okay with any of this and have decided to share their views.

"Fame can do weird things to ppl," one Instagram user wrote on a photo of Riggio and Zumbo enjoying their holiday. "Maybe she's just fake fake fake... Did you see that clip of her drinking a shot then swearing like a sailor - b---h is FAKE!!!!"

Understandably, Riggio was less than stoked with the character assassination.

"Firstly, I'm not famous," Riggio replied. "Secondly, damn girl get a life."

The response comes days after Huillet spoke about the pair's breakup, reassuring fans that he wishes Riggio and Zumbo "nothing but the best".

Breakups happen, people. And for the collective sanity of Riggio, Zumbo and Huillet, it's probably time we all moved on and let the woman relax on her island paradise holiday, drinking from coconuts and enjoying her new relationship in peace.

Cool? Cool.

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