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Mobiles still reach emergency: ACMA

AAP logoAAP 7/10/2016

Australia's telecommunications watchdog has sidelined a Tasmanian senator's calls for the state government to address problems dialling emergency services from mobile phones.

Labor senator Helen Polley on Friday used the case of an elderly woman left lying injured on the floor of her home, unable to reach emergency services with her mobile.

The senator said the onus is on the Liberal administration to make clear how people can call police, an ambulance or fire service and in the meantime lives are at risk.

But the Australian Communications and Media Authority assures that triple-zero calls made from mobile services, whether pre- or post-paid, will still reach emergency services unless there is a network disruption.

"Australia also has two secondary emergency service numbers that only work with particular technologies ... 112 which can only be dialled on a digital mobile phone (and) 106 is the text-based emergency number," the ACMA website read.

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