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Morrissey says animals lose on language

AAP logoAAP 25/10/2016 Danielle McGrane

Singer Morrissey says meat is murder and thinks if animals could speak the whole world would turn vegetarian.

The British singer famously insists that any venue he's performing at must refrain from serving meat while he's in concert there, in keeping with his strong veagn views.

He believes that humans have a lot in common with animals, aside from the language barrier.

"We are all, after all, animals. Some of us communicate with words, others don't. The ones that don't are farmed and sliced-up in factories ... simply because they cannot complain," Morrissey told AAP.

"If, for one fantastic moment, you could imagine cows and pigs suddenly having the ability to speak to whoever has them captive in slaughterhouses, I don't believe anyone would ever kill them."

The animal rights activist thinks that killing animals also brings up issues of discrimination, based on their lack of communication skills.

"Animals are slaughtered because they cannot speak English, which then introduces the question of racism and speciesism ... should we deny animals any rights just because they aren't us?" he asked.

The singer-songwriter received rave reviews for his first performance in Australia on this tour in Melbourne, during which he took aim at US presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, reportedly calling them two silly people who can't stand the American public.

However it seems Australian politicians aren't free from his criticism either, especially when it comes to his passionate feelings about veganism.

"Everything imaginable is positive and healthy and compassionate with a vegan diet, whereas everything imaginable is impassionate, ugly and environmentally disastrous with a flesh diet," he told AAP.

"I know that most of the Australian political class are sheep farmers so therefore animals don't stand much of a chance here, but you would be surprised, I think, at how the world has become sick to death of animal abuse. "

Morrissey says he hasn't heard one intelligent argument in defence of eating animals.

"Yes, humans have done it for centuries, but humans have also committed murder for centuries yet we haven't decided to accept that, have we?" he asked.

"The earth provides everything that we need to eat in a strong and healthy way. We do not need to kill anything."

Morrissey tour dates:

October 26 - Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide

October 28 - Royal Theatre, Canberra

October 29 - WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong

October 31 - Civic Theatre, Newcastle

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