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New MP has no love for game of politics

AAP logoAAP 31/08/2016

New Liberal MP Tim Wilson says he's watched with frustration as small politics has stifled tackling the big challenges.

Making his first speech in parliament, Mr Wilson, the former Human Rights Commissioner who replaced Andrew Robb in the blue ribbon seat of Goldstein, said he didn't love the game of politics.

He said his interest was public policy and how we secure this country's promise for future generations.

"I have watched with frustration as small politics has stifled tackling the big challenges ahead of us," he said.

Mr Wilson said the legacy of Mr Robb was to open up markets through international trade agreements.

Australia needed to restructure industries to create the employers of tomorrow and constructive reform of the health sector provided one of the greatest opportunities for Australia.

He said there needed to be a sensible discussion around industrial relations and those who argued for inflexible agreements were now the enemy of workers' security.

" Wherever the barriers are greatest comes the incentive for technology to smash the status quo," he said.

Mr Wilson said the same was true for tax reform and we had to stop fiddling at the margins.

"I have never understood why we tax people more than companies. It fosters perverse incentives for the wealthy to redirect energy to minimise tax rather than grow profits," he said.

Mr Wilson said cynicism pervaded modern political life and the best way to combat that cynicism was to act with integrity.

He said Australians needed to see that parliamentarians acted with conviction.

"Politics necessitates compromise on policy. Integrity comes from preferring defeat with your principles, than to win without them," he said.

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