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No breakthrough in Matthew Leveson search

AAP logoAAP 12/11/2016

The search for missing man Matthew Leveson is set to enter its fifth day, after there was no breakthrough while scouring dense bushland south of Sydney on Sunday.

Digging is due to resume early on Monday morning, with police expected to expand their search area.

Family and friends of Mr Leveson, who was last seen leaving Darlinghurst's ARQ nightclub in the early hours of September 23, 2007, have spent days watching as police used a digger to rip through matted undergrowth and scour the bush for remains.

The small team have combed the uneven ground covered with fallen trees using surveying equipment but so far haven't unearthed any trace of Mr Leveson.

Investigators were led there by Mr Atkins, Mr Leveson's former lover, who was in 2009 acquitted of his murder.

For nine years he had refused to tell the family what had happened to Mr Leveson but relented after being forced to give evidence at a NSW coronial inquest where he admitted to lying to police and being offered conditional immunity from prosecution.

Police began searching bush, not far from a bend in the road, last week after the inquest.

Mr Atkins maintained he thought Mr Leveson would return and suggested he may have vanished to Thailand to start a new life.

The family didn't believe this, with Mr Leveson's father Mark asking if the "lies" were the best he could come up with after nine years.

According to Mr Atkins, the men had left the ARQ nightclub sometime between 2am and 3am because his much-younger lover had taken too many drugs and was pulling "manky faces."

That was the last time Mr Leveson was seen alive.

That same day Mr Atkins bought a mattock and tape and sensationally claimed they were for digging a vegetable garden at the Cronulla unit the men shared.

Two days later, Mr Atkins and Mr Leveson's parents, Mark and Faye, reported him missing after he failed to turn up for work.

The parents have never stopped looking for Mr Leveson and fought to have the coronial inquest reopened hoping something would lead them to the remains of their son.

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