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No donations influence, says Bishop

AAP logoAAP 14/09/2016

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says donations don't influence her views or the views of the government on foreign policy.

Ms Bishop said individuals, businesses and other organisations donated to the party they thought would best provide an environment for their interests to flourish.

That follows comments from departing US ambassador John Berry who said the US was concerned about Chinese donations to Australian politicians and candidates, which would not be permitted under US law.

Ms Bishop said the US system was different. In Australia this was done according to Australian Electoral Commission guidelines and were disclosed declared and audited.

She rejected any suggestion of a conflict of interest from her attendance at a 2013 fundraiser hosted by a Chinese-Australian company.

"I challenge anyone to point to an area of foreign policy that I have changed that is not in the national interest," she told ABC television.

"Money and donations to political parties don't influence my views or the government's views on foreign policy."

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