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NZ man caught up in Kerobokan jail sweep

AAP logoAAP 3/11/2016 Lauren Farrow and Heru Rahadi

A New Zealand man will face questioning after three packets of marijuana were allegedly found inside his cell at Kerobokan prison during a late-night sweep of the jail.

Around 480 officials, including police, army personnel and prison staff, conducted a search of the notorious Bali jail on Tuesday night, after 13 prisoners previously tested positive for drugs.

Among those searched was New Zealand man Antony de Malmanche and Italian inmate Daniel Pierto, police say.

It's alleged "three packets" of marijuana were discovered inside their cell.

"We're still investigating who owns them because both Antony de Malmanche and Daniel Pierto didn't admit who owns them," Ketut Arta from the Bali office of the National Narcotics Board said.

"We will coordinate with the prison authority to check both of them."

De Malmanche was sentenced to 15 years prison in June last year after 1.7kg of crystal meth was found in his backpack after he flew to Bali in December 2014.

The 54-year-old insisted he didn't know what was in his bag and believed he was meeting a woman he had been chatting with online.

His defence claimed the Kiwi was a victim of trafficking, rather than a trafficker, and called experts to testify about his mental illness, low IQ and vulnerability to brainwashing by online scammers.

He was among 22 prisoners who underwent a drug test on Tuesday night.

Police said nine tested positive for marijuana use and two for morphine.

Mr Ketut said de Malmanche may face further charges depending on the outcome of an investigation.

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