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Paris Hilton pretending she doesn't know who Robert 'Millsy' Mills is just got even more awkward.

Mamamia logo Mamamia 18/11/2016 Jessica Clark

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Remember that time Paris Hilton said she couldn’t remember who Robert ‘Millsy’ Mills was?

(I certainly hope so, because it was only last night…but to refresh, the socialite was asked on The Project whether she remembered the Aussie singer, and she replied,”Who?” It was awkward.)

It turns out, less than 12 hours later, she has admitted that she actually DOES remember the former Australian Idol contestant, who she had a fling with back in 2003 when Paris Hilton was in Sydney.

On his NOVA 96.9 breakfast show this morning, Fitzy - who instigated the awkward conversation with Paris Hilton on The Project last night - said that after the show ended, Paris admitted she does in fact remember Millsy.

"After the show was finished, she basically said that's her response now...Whenever anyone asks [her] about Millsy, she knows who Millsy is," Fitzy told his co-hosts.

Paris Hilton. © Getty Images Paris Hilton. "Just because things didn't work out, and stuff...she always just says 'I don't know who you are talking about' when anyone asks about it."

But things got even more awkward for Paris, because Millsy's mum was actually IN THE STUDIO AUDIENCE, and rang into the breakfast radio show to talk about the awkward moment.

"Let me tell you, I tried very hard not to be in that photo," she said, discussing the moment she had to duck out of the way of a selfie Paris Hilton was talking with the audience.

"We're talking thirteen years ago, it was the year it turned 21, and I'm quite sure...everyone has done things in their early 20s that they regret," she told Fitzy and Wippa of how Millsy feels about the 2003 hook-up.

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