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Pnau drops surprise new tribal track

AAP logoAAP 3/11/2016 Danielle McGrane

Empire of the Sun has been celebrating its return with the release of third album Two Vines but one half of the musical duo, Nick Littlemore, has also released a surprise track with his first band Pnau.

It was his work with this dance group that brought Littlemore to Elton John's attention, who signed Pnau to his management and commissioned a remix of his early tracks, resulting in Pnau's UK number one album Good Morning To The Night.

Pnau, which comprises Littlemore and Peter Mayes, has just dropped Chameleon, their first new music in over four years and their first release with newest member, Nick's brother and record producer Sam Littlemore.

The song features the vocals of Shakira Marshall, a former dancer and back-up singer for Lauryn Hill, and was inspired by the medicinal plant culture of the Peruvian Amazon.

Despite its influences, the song isn't as trippy as one might expect and instead has a grounded tribal sound with some steady electro-beats.

Littlemore has kept his head down and produced music with Empire of the Sun, Pnau and White Shadows (Nick and Sam Littlemore's project with The Vines' Craig Nicholls) in the past year but he's shied away from taking to the stage and touring, leaving Empire of the Sun's Luke Steele to face audiences without him .

"Touring was never something that was part of that vision for me. I like making perfect moments and sharing them. I make a lot of music outside of Empire and no one's going to change me on that one. That's why I'm here," Littlemore told AAP.

However, the release of Chameleon could bring Littlemore back to the stage, at least in this musical collaboration.

"I used to be quite a wild performer in Pnau, and who knows what the future may hold, I may well find myself on stage again," he said.

* Chameleon is out now

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