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Psychiatric test for gunman after WA siege

AAP logoAAP 2/08/2016

A man who was paralysed and partially blinded after being shot by police during a siege in which he took five people hostage has been sent to a psychiatric facility for assessment ahead of sentencing.

Daniel John Ashley, 27, burst into his ex-girlfriend's Perth home in June last year, armed with weapons including a replica gun and baton, and took her and four other people hostage for three hours.

While inside the house, Ashley posted on Facebook: "Tonight, I'm going to die. I will be shot by police".

He had previously asked a policeman friend about how officers responded to hostage situations, the West Australian District Court heard on Tuesday.

When he finally emerged from the Mosman Park house, Ashley ignored repeated calls to drop his weapon, which at the time was thought to be a gun, and was shot once in the torso before falling to the ground.

He then pointed his weapon at officers who shot him again - this time in the face.

Ashley spent several months in hospital, is now a paraplegic and part of his face remains scarred from the shooting.

He has pleaded guilty to eight charges including being armed in a way that may cause fear, aggravated assault, aggravated burglary and five counts of kidnapping.

Judge Simon Stone issued a hospital order for Ashley, which will require a psychiatrist to examine him and provide a report to the court for his sentencing hearing on Friday.

Defence counsel Linda Black also questioned whether there were appropriate facilities in the prison system for Ashley, prompting Judge Stone to request more information on that too.

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