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Qld bloke's toad stacking demo goes viral

AAP logoAAP 3/10/2016 Luke Costin

Cane toads take up enough space in northern Australia so one Queensland bloke is showing the world how they easily pile on top of each other.

The toad stacking demonstration has gone viral on YouTube since being posted late on Sunday, cracking 250,000 views by midday on Monday.

In the video, the North Queenslander shows how to calm the toads by laying them on their back and stroking their stomachs.

Then, the stacking can begin.

"Two's easy, anybody can do that," the man says in the video.

"Three is harder - gotta get the third to settle down."

And with Queenslanders enjoying a public holiday on Monday, there's no reason someone can't break that record.

"Been competitively stacking toads for years. Glad it's finally getting the publicity it deserves," Christopher Miller posted to Facebook.

The toads might allow themselves to be stacked because of tonic immobility, better known as animal hypnosis.

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