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Qld hikers rescue lost dog in bushland

AAP logoAAP 26/07/2016 David Sigston

A dog missing for nearly a month has been reunited with its owner after being plucked from a Queensland waterhole by three hikers in a marathon rescue mission.

Jessica Paton, her husband Luke McMillan and father Graham Paton were trekking through bushland close to a waterhole on Mount Glorious, northwest of Brisbane, when they saw something moving in the distance.

Thinking the may stumble upon a platypus or a kangaroo, they were shocked to see the forlorn face of a dog looking up at them.

Reasoning it was most likely a missing dog, they fashioned a makeshift harness out of climbing ropes.

But after a short rest, and a cuddle, it was obvious the harness itself wouldn't do the trick.

So Jessica's husband Luke collected a canvas bag from their car, and with a large branch nearby, they were able to make an improvised stretcher to hoist the dog back to safety.

Within minutes of posting pictures of the dog to Facebook pages for lost pets, Ms Paton received a message from a man named Jeremy Sharp.

His dog, Elly-Bobby, had been missing for 24 days from his home, about 15km north of the creek where she'd been found.

Elly-Bobby and Mr Sharp were overwhelmed with joy upon their reunion.

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