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Queensland's high school OP changes delayed

AAP logoAAP 18/10/2016 Evan Schwarten

Major changes to Queensland's education system that will scrap OP rankings have been delayed by one year.

The plan, which was announced in March, would have taken effect after the graduating class of 2018 but will be pushed back to 2019.

From then, the overall position (OP) system will be replaced by an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

Education Minister Kate Jones said she had listened to advice from the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) in granting the extension.

"We need to ensure that we give all the time to the curriculum authority they need to get this right," she said on Tuesday.

As part of the changes, 80 curriculum syllabuses will be rewritten from scratch.

The tweaked timeline means students currently in grade eight will be the first to graduate under the new system.

That group was also the first to experience other major educational changes such as the introduction of a prep year and moving year 7 into high school in 2015.

The authority charged with re-writing 80 syllabuses has asked for more time, leaving students in the lurch. © Ten News The authority charged with re-writing 80 syllabuses has asked for more time, leaving students in the lurch. But QCAA CEO Chris Rider rejected suggestions students in the cohort were becoming educational guinea pigs.

"Can I assure you that we are taking the time because we want to make sure we want to get this right," Mr Rider said.

"There is no disadvantage to any student coming into the new system."

Mr Rider said many of the changes were already being introduced, such as external assessments that ran this year.

About 17,000 teachers will be given face to face professional development ahead of the new syllabuses coming in.

"They need to own the curriculum and they need to feel confident that it is the right curriculum for the future," Mr Rider said.

New subjects will include psychology, food and nutrition, engineering and digital technologies.

Ms Jones also announced that students in the next system would have the option to study a vocational education and training course which would count towards their ATAR score.

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