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Respect US poll process: Liberal senator

AAP logoAAP 15/10/2016 Colin Brinsden

A junior federal government minister believes Australians should respect the political process of the United States and not become alarmist over their views of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Liberal senator Zed Seselja was responding to comments by opposition deputy leader Tanya Plibersek, who is deeply concerned about the security issues Mr Trump's candidacy has raised.

"I don't think it particularly helpful to suggest there is a security risk," Senator Seselja told Sky News on Sunday.

He conceded the US Republican Party does face a great challenge, "(but) we shouldn't be alarmist about these things."

Ms Plibersek says Australian politicians would normally keep out of another country's election process, but she believes Mr Trump "has pushed out the boat so far" that he raises concerns for Australia.

"We are really in extraordinary times ... he has broken so many conventions for us to say as Australians that we are deeply concerned about the security issues his candidacy has raised," she told Sky News.

Ms Plibersek said Mr Trump's cosying up to Russia "really bothers me too".

She said Mr Trump had continually proved how unsuitable he was to be president, although it was increasingly unlikely he would win with many senior Republicans distancing themselves from him.

Labor leader Bill Shorten has previously declared Mr Trump as "barking mad" and on a later occasion as "entirely unsuitable" to be president.

Asked if this would be an issue if Mr Trump won and Mr Shorten became prime minister in the future, Ms Plibersek said the relationship was "country to country" not about personalities.

"Our relationships between the United States and Australia are deep and strong and go well beyond any two people," she said.

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