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Robbie Williams has a hunger for Hollywood

AAP logoAAP 22/11/2016 Belinda Tasker

Robbie Williams has conquered the pop music world and now fancies trying his hand at being a movie star.

Williams, who's in Sydney this week promoting his 11th solo album, The Heavy Entertainment Show, says he has no plans to retire.

The 42-year-old Brit has already written songs for his next two albums and is about to embark on a European tour in 2017, which he hopes to bring to Australia.

But as if that wasn't enough to keep him occupied, Williams says he's interested in making TV shows and movies.

"There's plenty for me to be getting on with," he told AAP.

"I've had the luxury of retiring and figuring out it's really boring. So I don't think I'll be retiring."

Williams has dabbled in Hollywood as the voice of loveable dog Dougal in the 2005 animated movie The Magic Roundabout, and played a cheeky James Bond-type character in the video for his 1998 hit Millennium.

He's interested in doing comedy in the future but also sees himself co-writing a script about his life as a showbiz superstar.

While he'd play "old" Robbie, he struggles to think of an actor to play his younger self when he was at the top of the pop charts with Take That before going on to enjoy a successful solo career.

"I don't know who. Emma Watson?" he laughs.

"It would definitely be something I would have fun doing with some people who are incredibly talented and I liked."

While he ponders a movie career, Williams is still busy writing songs.

"Since I started writing songs in 1995 I just haven't stopped because it's my hobby that produces something at the end that I then have to go and talk about and take on tour," he said.

"My next album's already been written and the album after that I've written a few songs for. So it just doesn't stop."

During his 25-year pop career Williams has sold millions of albums and concert tickets around the world.

But he insists despite his success he lacks confidence.

He prefers thinking of himself as brave.

"That's the mantra that's been going through my head just recently," he said.

"It's oh, there was I expecting confidence to arrive at some point and it doesn't. And then I thought I must be incredibly brave to do what I do feeling this crap about myself.

"So that's what I've learnt, especially in the last few days, it's just come up. I must be really brave because I'm not confident."

Williams says the confident front he puts on is evidence of his acting credentials.

"I must be a really good actor because nobody can really tell what's going on," he said.

"It's just a massive front and it's been a really successful front. I'm going to keep it up."

* The Heavy Entertainment Show is out now.

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