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Ryan Reynolds donated $5K to a cinema fined for showing Deadpool and serving beer

The Independent logo The Independent 26/04/2016 Clarisse Loughrey

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Ryan Reynolds will forever fight Deadpool's corner; from sticking by the character through the film's , to constantly delighting and surprising fans in .

And his dedication is yet to fade, with the actor recently appearing to offer the payment of $5,000 for a fine landed on a cinema for serving beer during a screening of Deadpool; with the establishment in question, Brewvies, threatening to sue the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control after they were summoned to an administrative hearing over what was termed a "grave violation".

Though Brewvies has a liquor license, and cinemas are allowed to serve alcohol during films, Utah law states that alcohol cannot be served when said film features full nudity or sexual acts, which Deadpool (of course) features an entire montage of. The actor had previously tweeted about the story, stating; "Thank god, they've found a way to legislate fun."

The cinema's , which hopes to raise legal fees to fight the case and offset any potential fines, then received a donation under the actor's name; presumably given by Reynolds himself, unless anyone else has $5K to burn and no desire to take credit for it.

© Provided by Independent Print Limited On their campaign page, Brewvies has stated they've previously faced legal trouble for showing the likes ofMagic Mike XXL, and Ted 2; with had been fined $1,627 for showing The Hangover Part II. 

The news outlet also claims to have obtained the undercover agents' reports for the film, which includes notations such as; "The main character (male) in the film is shown numerous times engaging in acts or simulated acts of sexual intercourse with the female counterpart during a holiday-themed sex-montage."

"An example of this is, during 'International Women's Day', Vanessa looks to be sodomizing Wade in their bed. Later in the movie, Wade gets into a fight with another character - Ajax played by Ed Skrein. During the fight, Wade's clothing comes off. Wade shows full frontal nudity during the fight scene."

Though the department has canceled the hearing, Brewvies owner Rocky Anderson has stated he is still moving forward with the lawsuit against the state in federal court over the existence of the Utah law.

Representatives of Ryan Reynolds have been approached for comment, but have yet to respond.

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