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SA premier to trust the people on dump

AAP logoAAP 7/10/2016

Politicians must start trusting the people to guide the state's possible nuclear future, South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill says.

Mr Weatherill has opened the second citizens' jury in Adelaide, where 350 people are considering recommendations from the state's royal commission into the nuclear fuel cycle.

Their focus will be on whether SA should establish a storage facility for taking high-level nuclear waste from overseas, in what could provide for billions of dollars in revenue.

Mr Weatherill says the jury will summarise the diversity of views that have already been expressed across the state.

"It's often said the people have lost trust in politics, but what if it's the other way around," Mr Weatherill told reporters on Saturday.

"What if politicians have lost trust in people. That's what this whole exercise is about.

"It's about trusting ordinary, everyday citizens to look at complex issues and come up with wise judgments."

As well as considering the recommendations from the royal commission, the jury will consider community feedback collected at more than 100 sites during the past three months.

The state government is still on track to decide whether to proceed with the dump by year's end, though Mr Weatherill has repeatedly said the point of "no turning back" is still some years away.

The premier said he expected jury members might come to different conclusions.

"These are not simple questions. They're about choices, they're about weighing up competing questions, they're about applying value judgements," he said.

At the first citizens' jury earlier this year, a rowdy group of anti-nuclear protesters heckled the premier on his way in.

Only a handful were present on Saturday as the two-day meeting began.

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