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Senator unfurls revolutionary flag

AAP logoAAP 9/11/2016

A One Nation senator has unfurled an American Revolutionary War-era flag associated with the Tea Party movement at Parliament House.

Malcolm Roberts held the Gadsden Flag, emblazoned with a coiled rattle snake and the words 'don't tread on me,' as he lauded Donald Trump and his US election victory on Thursday

Senator Roberts said the flag symbolised government serving the people, "not the people serving the government".

He criticised Australia's major political parties for not embracing a Trump presidency, saying he hoped to meet the US president-elect.

The climate change sceptic claimed to have already received invitations to "connect"to the Trump presidency.

"He's dismantling the establishment and what we have is only One Nation, Pauline Hanson's One Nation, capable of dealing with Donald Trump's presidency," Senator Roberts said.

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