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Sheeran struggles to remember lyrics

AAP logoAAP 6/01/2017

Ed Sheeran forgot the lyrics to some of his songs as he made his comeback with new music after a year away.

The British star, 25, took a year-long hiatus, from the music scene and social media, in 2016.

On Friday, he played his new music - Castle On The Hill and Shape Of You - on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show in the UK.

In his first radio interview in two years, the singer admitted that next time he takes a break it will be shorter.

Sheeran realised he could not remember the words to some of his songs when Don't and Sing had come on the radio.

"I've relearnt everything. I spent a day relearning the words. Next time I take a break it will be two weeks not a year," he said.

Concerning his travels, he said: "I specifically picked places where I wasn't really liked...No-one really cares about me in Japan. There are like two people that like me in Japan."

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