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Tailgating the top gripe for Qld drivers

AAP logoAAP 26/07/2016

Tailgating is the most annoying driver behaviour on Queensland's roads, a survey shows.

Driving too closely behind the vehicle in front overtook mobile phone use behind the wheel as motorists' top gripe in this year's annual 'RACQ What Drives You Crazy?' survey.

RACQ spokeswoman Lauren Ritchie said tailgating was a dangerous behaviour which was clearly an ongoing frustration for Queensland drivers.

"We're taught to leave several seconds between vehicles not just out of courtesy but because travelling too close increases the risk of crashing if the car in front stops suddenly," she said.

Other top irritating driver behaviours in the survey included increasing speed while being overtaken, littering, failure to indicate and aggression.

Ms Ritchie said the results highlighted the need for greater police enforcement of general road rules.

"Some of these may appear to be minor traffic infringements but they can have a huge impact on the way people drive on our roads," she said.


1. Tailgating

2. Talking/sending SMS on mobile phones

3. Motorists who increase speed when being overtaken

4. Throwing litter out of vehicles

5. Incorrectly using indicators

(Source: RACQ's What Drives You Crazy? 2016 survey)

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