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The Baden-Clay decision in quotes

AAP logoAAP 31/08/2016 Alexandra Patrikios


"The hypothesis on which the Court of Appeal acted was not available on the evidence; and so the Court of Appeal was wrong to conclude that it was unreasonable for the jury to find on the whole of the evidence that the deceased's death at the respondent's hands was intentional." - High Court of Australia

"It was mere speculation or conjecture rather than acknowledgement of a hypothesis available on the evidence ... there was no evidence led at trial that suggested that the respondent killed his wife in a physical confrontation without intending to kill her." - High Court of Australia

"The law has acknowledged what we who were closest to her knew from that very morning Allison went missing. That is that she was murdered. Today's decision brings to an end Gerard's attempts to smear Allison's name." - Allison's friend Kerry Anne Walker

"I understand that he is aware of the decision (and) he has accepted the decision, as he must." - Gerard Baden-Clay's lawyer Peter Shields

"I could see the pain in their eyes and I know that pain is shared in many parts of the community. Part of that pain emanated from the fact that their fight for justice was ongoing and seemed never-ending. Today the fight is over. The case is closed." - Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, of meeting with Allison's family last year

"The wheels of justice grind slowly but they do grind exceedingly fine and in this particular case a verdict of a jury ... has been reinstituted." - Queensland Law Society president Bill Potts

"It's a really strong judgement on the role of the jury in circumstantial cases. They get all of this evidence before them ... and they make a call." - University of Queensland law professor Heather Douglas

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