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The best seat in business class

AAP logoAAP 10/11/2016 Alison Godfrey

I'm on Qantas's 747 400 flight from Sydney to Hong Kong and I've scored the lucky prize.

Seat 11J is on the upper deck so the feeling of superiority begins as you ascend the stairs. At the top of the landing you then turn left and head towards the nose of the plane. All the way to the front. The seat is directly behind the flight deck so if you're lucky and the door is open while boarding, you can catch a glimpse of the captain and first officer going through the preflight checklist.

Seat 11 J is a window seat. In business class that actually means you get three windows to check out the incredible view over Australia's outback, Indonesia's islands and the South China Sea.

Instead of seats in front, 11J has pull-out storage compartments for laptop computers. These compartments contain soft inserts so that the devices are held snugly and securely on takeoff and landing. It makes working mid-flight incredibly easy. No more rummaging through the overhead locker to find your bag after the seat belt sign has been turned off.

There's even more storage at the side between the windows and the lie-flat bed. Here the storage compartment is large enough for an entire carry-on so you can avoid the overhead compartment completely. The top of these cabinets is convenient for laying out everything you need mid-flight so the items don't cramp your seat. Amenities kit, phone, immigration cards - never loose them in the folds of your seat mid-movie ever again.

The seat is also conveniently located close to the toilets, but far enough away that no one will irritate you. In business class there's fewer passengers waiting in line anyway.

Being at the front of the plane, 11J is also the first to get service. Hot towels, champagne, delicious Thai pumpkin soup. It all comes first to row 11. This seat completely eliminates the angst of waiting for your food to arrive, and the trolley will never be blocking your run to the toilet.

This seat even has its own coat hook, and is right near the official coat storage so you will be the first to have your jacket stowed and the first to get it back when the flight lands.

The only problem? We just told everyone about the best seat on the plane.

* The writer travelled as a guest of Hong Kong Tourism Board and Qantas.

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