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The last years of Abuk Akek

AAP logoAAP 16/08/2016


* Comes to Australia in 2005 as a refugee from South Sudan

* Meets Makeny Banek in 2012

* Enrols in an Advanced Diploma of Legal Practice

* Becomes pregnant to Banek, is considered his wife

* Gives birth to her son Youm Banek in January 2014

* Police are called to the family home in August 2014 because Banek is drunkenly violent

* August 22, 2014, Banek is ordered not to go within 200m of the house

* Eight days later he wakes Ms Akek by punching her head

* Banek is arrested and another intervention order is served

* Four days after the second intervention order is served, Banek wakes Akek by biting her face, causing a 10cm laceration

* Ms Akek blacks out after Banek chokes her

* Two more intervention orders are served in September and December 2014

* Ms Akek moves out in February 2016, having separated from Banek

* February 2016 Ms Akek takes her son to see Banek, when a friend comes to pick her up, Banek says "I could kill her right now, bash her to death but you are here."

* Banek murders Ms Akek in her Melton flat on March 13

* August 16, 2015, Banek pleads guilty to murder

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