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The minister who put Gollum on Hansard

AAP logoAAP 14/09/2016 Rashida Yosufzai

In an internet age of epic sledges, sick burns and hurtful "just sayins'", calling your opponent a hypocrite is kind of well, boring.

So what's a politician to do these days to capture the imagination of a restless public - especially when you've got something of a point?

You compare them to that fictional apparent schizophrenic from Middle Earth - Gollum.

That's what cabinet minister minister Christian Porter did on Wednesday when he found an apparent anomaly between what Labor was saying and doing when it came to cuts to the poorest.

He's noticed a number of opposition MPs still have posters complaining about welfare cuts their party has actually agreed to back.

The social services minister accused his Labor counterpart Jenny Macklin of collecting petition signatures opposing pension changes when the opposition had already backed them.

Which raised the question - who do you provide the petition to, the minister mused.

"Do you give it to yourself in a mini ceremony? And who takes the selfie to maintain the rage on Facebook?"

The Labor definition of fairness, Mr Porter said, was whatever they agreed to on a particular day.

It all seemed very Lord of the Rings.

"We hates the end of the school kids bonus, don't we precious?" he said, channelling Gollum.

"No! We loves the ending of the school kids bonus. It is our budget repair friend, isn't it precious?"

At least now we have pop culture references in Hansard, right?

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