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Trump bemoans missed uni trial

AAP logoAAP 19/11/2016

Donald Trump started his second weekend as president-elect of the United States by tweeting to extol his performance in a fraud lawsuit that saw him agree to a $US25 million ($A34 million) settlement the night before.

"The ONLY bad thing about winning the presidency is that I did not have the time to go through a long but winning trial on Trump U. Too bad!" he posted on his personal Twitter feed on Saturday.

Trump reached an agreement with the attorney general of the state of New York on Friday night to end the lawsuit, in which Trump was accused of defrauding more than 6000 people who say they paid tuition to Trump University but never received a proper education.

They claimed they were cheated out of $US40 million.

"I settled the Trump University lawsuit for a small fraction of the potential award because as President I have to focus on our country."

Trump had fought the lawsuit - which ran parallel to two class-action lawsuits on the same topic in California - throughout most of the last year. At one point, he insisted that the judge in one of the California suits should step down, arguing that the judge's Mexican ancestry made him biased against Trump.

Trump started his campaign insisting that he wanted to stop the flow of illegal Mexican immigrants to the States by building a wall. When he announced his candidacy, he said many Mexicans who come to the US are "rapists."

In February, Trump tweeted, "Trump University has a 98 [per cent] approval rating. I could have settled, but won't out of principle!"

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