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Trump talk occurs in Canberra says Credlin

AAP logoAAP 10/10/2016

Offensive locker room talk of the kind which has US presidential hopeful Donald Trump in strife also occurs in Canberra politics, Peta Credlin says.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott's chief of staff gave no examples but said she called this out on many occasions.

"That stuff went on in Canberra and I would call it out and the gutless wonders would look at their feet. They wonder why half the electorate looks at politics with great derision," she said on the Sky News Andrew Bolt program.

In the latest development in the US presidential election race, a 2005 video surfaced in which Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, boasted about sexually abusing women.

Mr Credlin said Trump's comments were reprehensible, "bloody disgusting" and wrong on so many levels, but unsurprising.

"You wonder why across the globe, whether it's in the UK, the US indeed Australia, why women are walking away from the major political parties in droves, why they are reluctant to stand for parliament and why they all think it's just one big boys game."

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