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Unlucky Sydney intruder shot with arrow

AAP logoAAP 6/11/2016 Dan McCulloch

A burglar who tried to steal a car in southwest Sydney copped an arrow to the buttocks when he unwittingly targeted an archery enthusiast, who could now face criminal charges.

Police say a sharp-shooting Wattle Grove resident, 68, let fly with his bow and arrow after an intruder broke into his house on Sunday evening and tried to steal his wife's handbag and cash, and the keys to his car.

He confronted the thief in his garage as the man tried to make a getaway in the car but ended up ploughing into the back fence.

The man jumped out of the car, hopped over the fence, and made an empty-handed dash for freedom.

It was then that he was hit with Robin Hood-style revenge when the the dead-eye archer scaled the fence and took aim with his Epic Traditional wooden bow.

"We believe that the arrow may have struck the offender in the buttocks or lower back region," Detective Inspector Dean Johnstone told reporters on Monday.

"We're imploring that person, or any person that knows that offender, to ensure that he seeks medical advice."

Officers have seized the bow and arrow and say inquiries at hospitals have yet to locate anyone treated for an injury consistent with being shot in the buttocks with an arrow.

"We would believe there'd be some sort of marking or a hole if the arrow has entered the skin," Det Insp Johnstone said.

No arrow was found in the vicinity and police would not confirm whether they found any forensic clues such as blood.

Police also urged others not to mimic Sunday's daring confrontation.

"My advice to people would be to comply with the people, not to confront them, certainly not to engage them in physical altercation," Det Insp Johnstone said.

"Let them go and let us investigate. Protect your welfare, protect your safety, and protect your personal interest."

Officers have not ruled out laying charges against the home owner.

The car, carport and a fence at the Wattle Grove property were damaged in Sunday's incident but the home owner and his wife weren't injured.

"They're obviously shaken but are doing OK," the couple's daughter told AAP on Monday.

"Nobody was hurt and that's the main thing."

The intruder, described as a short Caucasian man in his 30s with a tattooed left arm, was last seen leaving the scene in a Mazda Tribute.

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