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Upper Middle Bogan releases an Amber alert

AAP logoAAP 4/11/2016 Danielle McGrane

Everyone knows an Amber Wheeler.

She's a bit brash, and she speaks her mind, but ultimately she keeps things running smoothly for the Brights and the Wheelers on the ABC TV comedy Upper Middle Bogan.

"I feel like she's very much, in some ways, the parent because she's the one who pulls everyone into line" Michala Banas said.

Banas has been playing the feisty character for three years and says most of Amber's outbursts come from a place of love for her slightly dysfunctional family.

"She controls the finances and she's really smart, she's a lot smarter than a lot of people first thought but I think she feels like she's an important part of that family," the actress said.

"And part of the reason she is so harsh and up front is admirable because she loves them so much, there's so much fierceness in the way she loves and cares about her family."

There's been a few shake ups for Amber in this season.

As a single parent to Shawn, Amber is dealing with his increasing independence while her ex Troy has a new girlfriend and there's also love on the horizon for Amber.

"There are big shifts in the family because Shawn is growing up and becoming his own person. That's confronting and changes the dynamics. Amber moves out so that will shift the dynamics for her and for the rest of the Wheeler family," she said.

Amber has become a character that Banas genuinely admires.

"A lot of people pussyfoot around, try to soften the blow and be liked and I love that she doesn't really care what people know where you stand with her."

The ultimate appeal of the show, Banas thinks, is how accepted everyone is regardless of their background.

"We're not going 'oh look at these snobs and what idiots they are' or `look at these bogans and what idiots they are' we're not making judgments, we're just looking at the cultural differences and how even though there are disparities there's a lot of common ground," she said.

And just like everyone knows an Amber, there's a Wheeler or a Bright in there that anyone can relate to.

It's part of the show's appeal, and also part of the reason it's been so popular.

*Upper Middle Bogan airs on ABC on Wednesday at 8:30pm

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