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Vic mooning protest to keep pants on

AAP logoAAP 27/09/2016 Luke Costin

Plans to moon Victoria's parliament house have been scrapped after police warned cheeky protesters of possible criminal charges.

Organisers of the "Moon the Parliament House of Victoria" event have conceded they will need to demonstrate their opposition to the mooning law with signs only when they gather on October 8.

"We suggest keeping your pants on and shut this page down or potentially risk criminal charges," Victoria Police posted to the Facebook event on Tuesday.

Mooning and streaking this month were explicitly noted as obscene behaviours in Victorian law.

Those who put their backside on public display face up to two months in jail for a first offence and six months behind bars for repeat exhibitions.

More than 450 have signalled their intent or interest to take to the streets and barrack for backsides, but others aren't so enthusiastic.

"There is (sic) enough arseholes already on display in Parliament," Warren Moore posted.

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