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Victoria to introduce carjacking offences

AAP logoAAP 31/08/2016 Luke Costin

People accused of violent carjackings and home invasion will have to justify why they should be granted bail under new offences to be introduced in Victoria.

The Labor government on Wednesday will introduce legislation creating the new offences of carjacking, aggravated carjacking, home invasion and aggravated home invasion.

For the latter three offences the presumption of bail will be against the accused. The maximum penalty will be 25 years in jail.

The government estimates there's been 170 carjackings and 370 home invasions in the past year.

Exact figures aren't available because offenders are currently charged with a mash-up of related offences such as car theft and aggravated burglary.

Attorney-General Martin Pakula say Wednesday's bill introduces incredibly serious offences which will deal with the "all-too-prevalent behaviour that is literally keeping people awake at night".

"We are saying in the clearest possible terms that this behaviour cannot continue," Mr Pakula told reporters on Wednesday.

The government legislation comes two months after the opposition introduced a similar carjacking bill to parliament.

That legislation, which will be debated in the upper house on Wednesday, also makes the maximum penalty for carjacking 15 years' jail and the maximum for aggravated carjacking 25 years' jail.

"Yet again Daniel Andrews is playing catch up on community safety initiatives," opposition police spokesman Ed O'Donohue said in a statement.

The parliamentary debate comes as police investigate yet another attempted carjacking - this time in Traralgon.

Victoria Police on Wednesday said a woman's decision to lock her doors helped deter two men who tried to enter her car as she waited at traffic lights on Saturday.

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