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Voller's justice advocate to front inquiry

AAP logoAAP 12/12/2016 Lucy Hughes Jones

A youth justice advocate who worked with Dylan Voller is due to front the Northern Territory royal commission into juvenile detention next after the teen inmate detailed shocking claims of abuse.

The 19-year-old came out of an adult jail on Monday to speak publicly for the first time, telling the inquiry he was starved, stripped and forced to defecate in a pillow case while behind bars as boy.

Television footage screened on the ABC in July of Dylan Voller being being tear-gassed, placed in a spit hood and shackled to a restraint chair in 2014 in the NT's youth prison system prompted the probe.

While giving evidence, Voller demanded rehabilitation instead of punishment.

"As a victim and young man I feel upset and let down by the system," he said.

"Young people need love and someone to talk to and not to be locked in a cell for days on end. Trust me."

Voller painted a disturbing picture of mental and physical torment, claiming he was starved by guards, regularly strip-searched and forced to defecate into a pillowcase after being denied toilet breaks.

He told the inquiry he was placed in solitary confinement for up to 23 hours a day, sometimes for weeks on end, and was often punished for bad behaviour by not being given access to food, water and toilets.

Following Voller's testimony, Antoinette Carroll, who worked with Mr Voller for seven years, is expected to take the stand.

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