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WA hospital lead filter plan criticised

AAP logoAAP 29/12/2016

Using filters to fix the lead contamination in water at the Perth Children's Hospital has been described as a bandaid solution by the Australian Medical Association.

Filters have been installed in the hospital's water system to fix the lead problem, which is among the issues that have caused lengthy delays in opening the $1.2 billion facility.

Treasurer Mike Nahan said the program for addressing the water quality issues had been developed based on the advice of expert advisers.

"In recent weeks, a comprehensive flushing program has been and continues to be carried out in conjunction with the installation of filters and continuous testing of the water," he said on Thursday.

"John Holland's expert advisers will continue to test the water and the state's own expert advisers will also carry out its own tests on the water."

But AMA WA president Andrew Miller said the source of the lead problem must be found and pipes should be replaced if necessary.

"Tosuggestthat oneoftheworld's mostexpensivehospitals,indeedoneoftheworld'smostexpensivebuildings,shouldsolve theproblemofdangerouswaterbyattachingfiltersisunbelievable," he said.

"Theproblemof dangerouslevelsofleadinthedrinkingwatermustbefixedbeforethehospitalopens byremovalofthesourceofthelead- notbyabandaidbargainbasementmeasurelike filtersontaps."

DrMillersaid doctors werewillingtowaituntilatotallysafehospitalwasreadytobeopened.

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